Yetev Lev Court infill

Residential infill for AIHA
 1511C YLC
Yetev Lev Court – located in Stamford Hill, London E5 – is an existing social housing development in Hackney for the Orthodox Jewish community. In the early 1990s,  STF converted two dilapidated blocks, sited in the heart of a Council Estate, into a home for the Satmar community. This earlier development comprised 36 spacious flats, mostly 2- and 3- bedrooms, fronting two communal gardens at the rear.  

STF subsequently secured planning permission in 2015 for an infill between the two residential blocks, creating a new 4-bedroom 8-person house over 3 floors, plus four new 4-bedroom 7-person flats above.  In addition, six existing flats were enlarged and provided with lift access and rear balconies for succahs, providing a total of 36 additional habitable rooms.

The communal garden at the rear of the building was enlarged and upgraded, and included generous landscaping and a large tarmac play area for the many children.

Construction reached completion in February 2018.