Colesbourne Drive, Milton Keynes

Colesbourne Drive, Downhead Park
This hydrotherapy pool was created to assist a client living with cerebral palsy.  It is attached to his specially adapted home, which we also created from an existing self-build bungalow.  He uses the pool every day to relax and allow the water to steady his otherwise erratic movements.  The pool is raised above floor level so that his physiotherapists and carers can sit on the side of the pool and interact with him without having to bend over to reach him.  They can of course also enter the water with him.
The pool edge is of Corian to provide a warm seat surface.  The pool has a retractable cover for safety and heat retention when not in active use, and to reduce humidity control requirements within the pool room and the adjoining house.  Between the pool room and the rest of the house is a specially adapted bathroom where the client can change, and be assisted with everyday hygiene requirements.  The pool room has music system loudspeakers and variable systems of lighting to provide an environment where sensory stimulation can be enhanced. 
At high level above the pool edge, an H system hoist is integrated with the ceiling, and this allows the client to be transported in and out of the pool from any location.  Integrating the system into the ceiling reduces its visibility and so reduces any institutional feel of the space.